Sunday, July 24, 2011

Well...There's a First Time for Everything.

So, hi everyone...

I'm going to go ahead and get to it.  I just moved in with my boyfriend, Lexi's dad, an awesome, amazing, beautiful man.  It should be great, right?

It's really freaking hard.  We did everything backwards, which lots of people do.  But we are not lots of people.  We are us, and it's really hard. 

So, things I've learned that I already knew because I should have listened to my mom:

1.  You literally have to tell them to do EVERYTHING....unless it's eat or go to the bathroom. 

2.  You have to praise every move they make.

3.  If you want anything done right, just freakin' do it yourself.

Now...I'm sure there are some I'm missing (maybe a 1,000) but I'm distracted by Drop Dead Diva:)  I love it!

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Potty Princess

Potty Princess
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