Friday, May 6, 2011

Have a Happy Mom's Day!

Mother's Day is here again:) It will be my 2nd Mother's Day and I still cannot seem to get over that fact!  AND Alexis will be 2 in the hell did that happen?  My little butterball is a jibber-jabbering, drama queen.  I wonder where she got those qualities from?

So Jason (Lexi's dad) and I have been together....and I mean that like together:)  It took me long enough to come around, but I finally did.  I guess I needed it to be on my own terms but now that things are the way they are, I couldn't be happier.

He told me he needed to borrow my car to drive a friend to the airport because his car wasn't acting right and he didn't trust driving it that far.  Soooo of course I believed him and thought it totally necessary that he take my car.     Last night he came to pick my car up, I even texted him to drive safe and tell his friend I said hi...

As it turned out he took my car and installed a CD player!!! I have been listening to the radio for almost a year now and my favorite CD was stuck in the CD player...mocking me whenever I tried to turn it on.  It would say "track 6" and I would press play like 8 times.  I even tried jamming things inside it to see if I could just magically pop the CD out.  Whatever, it's gone and hopefully smashed into teeny tiny pieces by now.

Isn't that so nice?  I thought so to.  Very unexpected...I was thinking a card and wine would be great! Ha.  He did a good job:)

I hope all you mothers out there have a really fabulous Mother's Day because I know we all deserve it.  And to the Moms who are serving our country, Thank You from the bottom of my heart and I hope you get to see your children and families very soon!

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  1. thanks for your comment on my blog! and welcome back to blogland!!! missed reading your posts so now i can look foward to them again ;) your baby daddy sounds very sweet...glad it's working out for the two of you!


Potty Princess

Potty Princess
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