Thursday, May 5, 2011

S**t Momma, S**t Momma!

Yes, Lexi said her first cuss word.  Who do you think had the pleasure in teaching her?


Let me paint the picture......

The day before was beeeautiful! Warm, blue skies.  I drove around with my windows wide open, blasting K92...not my first choice in music but my cd player is broken.  Lucky me.  I tutor 2 little boys and had them at the house, they live very close (walking distance) so we decided to walk back to their house instead of drive.  I was even thinking about the environment!

When I got back home, I walked past my car and inside.  Ignoring the fact that all four of my windows were wiiiiide open.

That night there was a huge rain storm.  I mean, it poured, while I slept like a baby.  Lexi didn't even wake up that night!  I woke up in the morning with a really bad feeling.  It kind of formed in the little triangle part in between your rib cages.  You know that part?  Then fizzled up.  It was still pouring the next morning.

Usually my car is parked in front of the house, but today, my moms was and mine was on the other side.  Meaning, I couldn't see my car.  I figured, if I did leave them open I might as well not shut them now, let it get soaked, I don't care.  I was pissed.  Not at myself, but the freaking rain!  How could that happen? It was gorgeous and then this!  Then anger turned to could this happen...really?  My mom went out because she felt bad for me.  She came in looking like someone ran over her puppy.

Me: "Were they open?" (I already knew the answer)

Mom:  "Yeah."

Me: "All of them?"

Mom: "Yeah, all the way."

Me: "Great.  What a shitty way to start my morning."

Lexi:  "Shit momma, shit momma."

Me:  "My point exactly."

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Potty Princess

Potty Princess
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